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Building accessible and sustainable solutions

TesselLearn consultants evaluate all levels of campus structure to understand your unique concerns and develop needed accessibility knowledge and support for administrators, faculty, staff and students. We collaborate with you and create a package designed for the particular needs and climate of your campus.

When evaluating current electronic accessibility and creating a campus plan, we take both a high level view of your current campus ecosystem combined with a detailed list of your final goals. Our experience shows that an overarching, integrated approach is the most effective.

TesselLearn offers individual components, a retainer option or a comprehensive package price. In all cases, our goal is always to support what you need and to work ourselves out of a job!

Audit / Campus visit

View of Miami University, Ohio TesselLearn staff researches and reports remotely while working with you to create an audit plan - usually starting with a campus visit. We audit attitudes, products, and processes along with the following categories: websites, educational materials, software and hardware, documents, media and other electronic, information and communication technology.

EIT / Digital Accessibility Campus Coordination

Our expertise and experience translate into solid plans that consider multiple scenarios and provide researched and fast solutions. This is an iterative process that includes:

We will assist you in building accessible, usable components that work together and create an integrated electronic accessibility framework that fosters and supports education.

Follow through and Follow up

Support for campus constituents is available throughout all stages of your process. Tessellearn staff can follow-up with additional campus visits and remote interactions. Online presentations and training, along with meetings and discussions, are common elements. Support can also be arranged to deal with unexpected complications or additional questions.