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Approachable processes for accessible solutions

TesselLearn, the Accessible Learning Company, consults with higher education institutions to advise, guide and support electronic accessibility and educational technology planning and implementation. The goal is enhancing education for all learners and removing risk through the application of TL staff's unique combination of education and expertise with accessibility and technology in the higher education arena.

TesselLearn, the Accessible Learning Company, can support all educational accessibility needs on your campus - done within your framework and with the goal of developing local concensus and expertise.

How we can help

TL offers multiple services including auditing the current level of accessibility on campus, consensus and capacity building during the initial stages of campus electronic accessibility work, assisting lead individuals or groups in understanding the various levels of possible responses, strategizing support for the multiple aspects and stages of campus process and developing, reviewing software and educational applications for accessibility, and implementing campus resource development and training. The approach and the support provided are determined by you and the needs of your campus and are available as a one-time package or as a subscription.
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Who we can help

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TesselLearn teams up with campus administrators and employees responsible for electronic accessibility; faculty and departments who wish to create accessible education; or faculty and employees who wish accessibility advocacy or assistive technology support. We have worked with Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Legal Counsel, Accessibility Coordinators, Disability Services Directors and campus IT. Whether you are responsible for reducing risks, providing services and training, persuading others of the importance of these activities or breaking through barriers, TesselLearn can assist you with any stage of campus conversation or electronic accessibility creation.



Initial work

TL's founder, Dr. Janet Sedgley, serves as campus Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) Coordinator, directing the University of Montana's response to a complaint filed with the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights. She also manages Accessible Technology Services in IT. Dr. Sedgley has a wealth of experience in accessibility, technology and higher education.

An old campus building - tradition is often strong on campusesMain Hall, UM (Zan Olsen)