Accessible Online Course Support
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Celebrating 30 years of the ADA this summer (7/26/2020)

Our business is digital accessibility and accessible technology. TesselLearn consults with organizations about accessible materials - including websites. New in 2020, we will submit the founder's portion of profits for training, presentations and light website reviews to a nonprofit (read further information below).

TesselLearn's mission is to support organizations who wish to serve well all of their clients - including those with disabilities. We support your goals with reviews according to generally accepted guidelines of websites, media, videos, software programs and processes. We also provide on-site and remote training. TesselLearn consultants have diverse and well-rounded skillsets and experiences.

In celebration - a portion of your cost donated to a non-profit

The ADA was passed 30 years ago today. TesselLearn and AccessPromise join together to mark the occasion.TesselLearn offers a chance to convert some of your Digital Accessibility costs to non-profit donation to AccessPromise - a win/win. (AccessPromise provides technical, web, on-site and financial support to community organizations in other countries that support individuals, largely children and young adults, with disabilities.) This applies both to light reviews and training / presentations. Contact us for additional information.

Digital accessibility makes good business sense

Access to information is critical in this digital world. Individuals with disabilities use a variety of tools to access information on web pages, in documents, and in media. Many software and hardware modifications exist that allow such individual access to digital information. However, a wheelchair can provide access to a building only if the building has accessible features such as ramps, accessible restrooms and elevators. Similarly digital information requires the correct structure for the software and hardware modifications to work.

Some of the possible modifications include: